Friday, April 23, 2010

frist job! for GABE. andre 3000

ok so one of my good friends Gabriel or "gabeartist123" told me I should have other artists send me their work and have me paint over it for 15-20 mins. and record it. so they can see what I would have done differently. so I painted over one of his drawings and in his words, " I learn from painting, as well as watching other artists paint, and when I get the chance, from watching artists critique other artists. But Having an artist paint over my work is in my opinion the best way to learn. I'd really have to compare it to playing chess by yourself, or watching to others play, as opposed to playing against an opponent. There's no beating the rock hard critique that comes from a talented artist painting over your work and tailoring a lesson specifically for you." I really had a lot of fun going over his work. and would like to do more! here is what I did.
If you would like me to critique or go over your work. Email me your painting and the reference. ( ) I will then go over your work for 15-20 mins and I will send you a video critique with voice over explaining what I did and why. I am charging for this service, but not much. I can't wait to work with you guys. Have a good one!